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3 days ago

I remember having a wide variety of coloring books from Disney, Barbie, and Looney Tunes to the more obscure titles such as "The Honey Hill Bunch" and "Ginghams", complete with the colorful 64-pack of crayons that had a built-in "sharpener". Coloring was one of my favorite things to do, right up there with paper doll books. I wasn't the best at "staying in the lines", but it was enjoyable, all the same.
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4 days ago

Very Cute
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9 days ago

Outstanding Sports Board game
Overall, the game is pretty good, but it has some problems that SOM has had several editions to correct and they refuse to do so. A few noteworthies:
1. SOM's copy protection scheme is revolting. They only allow you to put the game on one machine at a time. If one travels a lot, has a laptop, and wishes to carry the game with him, then every season's authorizaion has to be removed, then the game's authorization has to be removed, then one has to hope that it will all work well when transferred to another computer. Don't bother. Words cannot express how utterly nauseated I am by this copy protection system. I can understand protecting one's product, but this is to the point of absurdity.
2. SOM's computer AI is the worst, by far, that I have ever seen on any game, and I've played many, many games. I play the game solitaire, and I always play the offense against the computer defense. Most of the time the defensive AI shows absolutely cognizance that it has the faintest idea what's happening on the field. Late in the game, the offense needs to kill the clock by running, and the AI will call a pass defense several plays in a row. Utterly clueless.
3. There is no offensive audible option. The defense gets the last call and if it happens to double team the receiver that I wish to throw to, I have no way of choosing another receiver. The game does have an optional "dump off" mode, but the computer controls that, not the player, so I turn it off. There is also no "no huddle" offense, though the hurry up offense is pretty good, and SOM does have the prevent defense down very well. It doesn't prevent anything any more than in real life.
4. Strange things happen. This afternoon, on two successive plays, the left cornerback, who did not get a sack the entire real season, sacked the quarterback. Two plays in a row.
5. The AI sometimes takes over when I don't want it to. Often times, punt returners simply run away from the ball when I want them to catch it and return. The game does provide an option to let the ball go; so why does the AI interfere and do it for you? Makes no senes. Most of what the AI does makes no sense.
6. Penalties are arbitrary and set. In other words, the only pass interference penalty you can get is one for 25 yards. No randomization on that at all--25 yards. And I confess, I really, really got tired of the holding penalties on quarterback kneel downs as the end of the game. It happened constantly. So I turned the penalities off (they are optional).
7. Free kicks after a safety. Always travel at least 60 yards, and about half the time, some big, fat lineman runs down the field and tackles the receiver for no gain. Stops him dead in his tracks.
8. The passing defense is a little too difficult. I rarely have a quarterback, over a whole season, who will complete the same percentage of passes that he did in the real season. And I don't throw a lot of bombs, either. SOM's percentages are just off.
9. If you have thousands and thousands of hours, you can change everything on every team. Yes, you can make sure that the defense calls the right play on 3rd and 1 (it rarely does), or that in the late game situation, it tries to stop the run. But you have to change it on every team, or use the same defense for every team. It's not worth the effort, especially when it should have been done correctly in the first place. I'm convinced that SOM's programmer knows absolutely nothing about professionsal football.
10. They did--wisely--include a "Delete last play" feature, something I use with some regularity, e.g., the safety free kick problem, the punt return issue, utterly idiotic defensive calls. There are certain things that simply must be overridden for the reality of the game.
11. Yet, with all these complaints, it's basically a good game and I play it all the time. There are plenty of aggravations for one who truly knows football, but in general, the results are pretty accurate, i.e., good teams win most of their games and bad teams lose most of the time. In other words, equal opportunity stupidity by the AI.
12. And there's one other thing about the game that cannot be changed--basically this is a cards and dice game and there is that element of luck that is always there. That's hard to overcome.
M. Lewis
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11 days ago

Review Icon ~*~Finny~*~ reviewed Legos in Toys:
Legos rock!!
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12 days ago

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