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8 minutes ago

Bait and Switch!!! They did not tell me that it was going to be this massive satellite dish in their "installation kit". I was expecting a small modem that was pictured in the bottom corner of the Dish Network flyer. I am great with electronics, but even this took a very long time to put together. When I called to explain that I could not get on a roof to install this because I recently had surgery on both of my ankles thier only response was that they could assign a professional installer. I had already paid over $300.00 dollars for the equipment, now I'm supposed to pay another $150.00 to get it installed?!!! Fine, I physically can not do it myself. Kindly, they decided I only needed to pay $75.00 since I had already put the dish together, but the decision was
probably more because I was getting really annoyed at this point.

So I agree to get an installer, which by the way is subcontracted by skyway, and their subcontractor subcontracted me to someone else. What a mess!Surprisingly, I was called the same day. But when I called they guy back there was no answer nor was there voice mail or a message machine. I called the next three days and finally got someone on the phone and the only appointment was five days later. They never showed, they never called, and they would not answer the phone, and again, the phone rang about fifteen times. Then a recording came on saying "the party you are calling is not answering, you will now be disconnected" or something like that. Well, I'm in California and Skyway is on the East Coast, three hour difference, so I again have to wait until the next day to talk to someone.

Finally, I get to talk to Marie, she says her computer shows that the job was completed. What?! She says she'll look into it and call me back. She didn't.

So I try again the next day. The first call I made somehow got me to Corporate Headquarters according to their message where I was given the option to press "0" to speak with an operator, Surprise- I was told to leave a message for a call back. No way. I want to speak with a human. So, I call back, and press the option to upgrade. Misty answers the phone, I ask to speak with a supervisor,she says none are available. Uh-huh. I persist in speaking with a manager and who does she transfer me to? Marie, my old friend, who continues to pacify me with a runaround of B.S. and I tell her I want to speak with a manager. Now I get to talk to Trish, the manager who was not in the building according to Misty. After more runaround and no staight answers and more than an hour dealing with this, bottom line I QUIT. I explained that I will tell the world about this and here we are, the first of many reviews I will be leaving.

I will end up with a refund of about $28 or so they say. Maybe the threats, maybe the fact that I will be calling the BBB, who knows. Do NOT sign up with this company. I never even got the installation done and it was a nightmare. How bad was the internet service going to be if I had this bad of an experience already? By the way this is the SHORT version of what I went through.
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13 minutes ago

I too, am very dissatisfied with this company. I have been paying premiums for 5 years and never filed a claim until this month. It was denied because of some very obscure language in the policy that essentially will not allow you file a claim on something that occurred in the previous "plan year" even if it did not require any treatment at the time. My dog had a very small growth on her eyelid that the Vet just wanted to watch to see if it grew larger or not. About 1 year later, the vet recommended removing it because it had grown and he said it would eventually start causing problems. The company denied the claim because it occurred in the previous plan year. I feel totally scammed by this company!
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1 hour ago

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1 hour ago

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7 hours ago

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